the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass

– La Piccola di Casa- Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Vezzini Cristina was recently commissioned by M&C Saatchi and Peroni nastro Azzurro to create a piece of work inspired by the new Peroni bottle ,”Piccola” . 

“When a craftsman describes a bottle divides it into foot, neck and shoulders as if he/ she was speaking about person.”

Being a ceramic designer-maker made Cristina  to follow this idea and decide to create 51 copies of the Piccola bottle with 51 different surfaces, like 51 women wearing different dresses.

As in a fashion show the same model wears clothes of different style and cut, each bottle has a different dress but with the body of the Piccola Peroni .

The number 51 represents 51 years since the first Peroni beer was invented.

The “fashion show” of this porcelain bottle is a metaphor of Italian Fashion Style.

The different texture on the bottle surfaces want to remind the Italian attention to details.

The 51 porcelain all handmade , want to pay homage to Italian craftsmanship and handmade tradition.

La Piccola di Casa will be on show at the Design Museum London from 5th till 9th June 2014.

After this date the installation will be on tour in different venue around  London and UK.