the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass

Penta launch at DOMUS tiles showroom during Clerkenwell Design week

Vezzini Cristina’s Penta tile is a reflection of her fascination for the harmony and the geometry found in nature.

Penta consist of a modular tile designed using irregular polygon places at different highs and angles on the plan. The different highs and angles give a sense of depths to the wall by playing with the lights and shadows created by Penta’s geometry.Penta tiles work well on exterior and interior wall of public, private and commercial site. Its modular pattern can be used to cover wall partially or entirely. The multi-faceted tile when assembled as a wall, make a vibrant surface that fascinate the eyes by its multitude reflections creating layered pattern similar to natural scenery.

Penta, designed by Cristina Vezzini for KAZA CONCRETE was launch today at DOMUS tiles showroom  Clerkenwell . Do please visit the shop to see a large “Penta” wall and a bespoke glass installation made by Vezzini & Chen as part of Clerkenwell Design Week.

Penta is now available to order from
Visit KAZAconcrete website to choose your own favourite colour for it.