the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass


Dive In

Inspired by the experience of being immersed underwater, Dive In is a bespoke lighting installation where glass ‘bubbles’ run across the wall as if rising to the surface from the deep. Exploring the idea of visual distortion and what lies hidden underneath the waves, the glass bubbles encase clustered ceramic elements, reflecting the forms and textures of microscopic organisms and marine life. Individual lights are diffused through the glass bubbles and ceramic elements, revealing the intricate patterns and textures. The full composition is created using bubbles varying in size, from smaller solid and hollow glass pieces, to larger domes containing the ceramic elements; the overall effect is arresting, the subtle shifts in scale between the components echoing natural forms and motion, punctuated with light.

Each lighting installation is bespoke and can be made to fit a specific space. Roughly 30 glass bubbles are used per square meter with the largest bubble measuring 10cm in diameter by 7cm deep. As an option, the glass bubbles can be mounted onto an MDF surface which can be painted in any colour to suit the space.




Size: to order

Materials: Bone china, glass, LED light , MDF (optional)