the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass


“Dreamy Forest” is inspired by the journey of walking into a leafy forest.  We are intrigued by the way how tree and branches grow. The relation between the leaves and branches. The intricate details between them are just phenomenal.

“Dreamy Forest” is constructed of several hand carved porcelain leaves mounted on brushed brass branches. Each leaf is carved on both side. It’s textured is inspires by looking at vein on leaves ,  their pattern and texture.  The brass branches are slightly curved to give a sense of movement and organic feel to the work . Popping out between the leaves are few engraved glass flowers.

The thin ceramic leaves catch natural light and create a dreamy atmosphere even when the light is off. Between the leaves small led light shine through the leaves a bit like sunlight filters through the leaves in a forest.

The light is dimmable , creating a bright space at full power and a more cosy romantic atmosphere when dimmed.

Materials : ceramic,  glass and  brass

Light source :  6 dimmable  LED light- Dim to Warm – Casambi

Enquiry – Dreamy Forest 


Enquiry – Dreamy Forest