the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass


Vezzini & Chen are a Italo -Taiwanese duo based in London . Their latest creation Lotus light takes inspiration from the Lotus Flower and their Taiwanese influence.  Lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity and it is often seen in the green land of Taiwan.

Fine hand carved porcelain petals sit on an engraved glass pad. The light filters through the ceramic and shine onto the glass, creating reflections similar to those seen on the water.

Lotus table and wall  light are available in two sizes

Larger Size approx  41 x 39.5 x17cm height

Smaller size approx 30.5 x28.5 x16cm height

Each light is completely unique and handmade in our London studio. The lotus flower is made by handcarved porcelain and the Lilly pad is free blown and engraved glass . Each light uses a dimmable LED bulbs .  Metal fitting – brushed brass.

Lotus light is available for both European and US market.