the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass


Vezzini & Chen launches their most ambitious and intricate work to date .

Mirage Light is born from Vezzini and Chen continuous admiration for intriguing and fascinating forms of seeds and their love for light and natural and optical phenomenon. Mirage is alsoa direct correlation between their work, water and sand. True to their distinctive style, this project, like all of their works, is made of blown glass and Porcelain. Made entirely by hand by Cristina Vezzini and Stan Chen in their London studio. Each blown glass semi-sphere iscarved in half with different textures. The central part of the lamp, made of porcelain is also hand carved to create further texture to diffuse the central light source .Light plays a central role within the work. Light is diffused through the ceramic andglass, creating a rich interaction between the materials and components, bringing the piece to life.


Mirage is available with fourteen lights or with 10 lights .

Mirage can also be extended as floor to ceiling light.

Height 230cm (90 1/2″)
Width 60cm (23 5/8″)
Depth 50cm (19 5/8″)