the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass

Shades of White

Shades of White

Shades of White is a bespoke wall installation inspired by winter landscapes; layers of fallen leaves covered in frost and snow. Using five types of white ceramic, from porcelain to bone china, Cristina Vezzini creates a rich composition using the subtle variation of the natural shades of white given by these different clays. Delicate ceramic discs are hand carved in a variety of textures and layered up into a 3D composition, creating an intricate design with a tactile quality of movement between the textures and tones.

The discs are individually hand carved and mounted on perspex to create a stand alone piece or a large scale artwork. Each wall installation can be made to order to a specified size and to suit a particular space. Please contact Cristina to discuss your needs.


Size: to order

Materials: Bone china, porcelain, glacier porcelain, parian, semi porcelain, perspex, hand painted MDF (optional)