the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass


As a continue development from our  “Dreamy Forest” chandelier , this chandelier is a celebration of Spring, a time of rebirth, regrowth and renewal.

“Dreamy Forest- Spring”  is inspired by the weakening of a Forest at Spring time. White and yellow porcelain flowers bloom between  hand carved porcelain leaves.  Small lights shine through the leaves creating a warm glow, like the warmth of the first sun after a long winter.

The thin ceramic leaves catch natural light and create a dreamy atmosphere even when the light is off. The curves brass branches give a sense of movement and organic feel to the work.

The light is dimmable, creating a bright space at full power and a cosier romantic atmosphere when dimmed.

Materials: ceramic, glass and brass

Light source:  6 dimmable LED light- Dim to Warm – Casambi

Size : 160cm x 80 cm diameter

Enquiry – Dreamy Forest- Spring