the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass


Seed Pod is a sculptural table light .

Seed has been a central theme for our work in the past 2 years.

Having created a Seed wall light collection, it seemed obvious to honour this theme in creating a Seed pod table light. Seed Light is born from our continuous admiration for intriguing and fascinating forms of seeds. Seed is a symbol of growth, new life and light is necessary for its development. True to our distinctive style, this piece, like all of their works, is made of blown glass and ceramic.

Each blown glass semi-sphere is carved in half with a line texture. The central part of the lamp, made of porcelain is also hand carved to create further texture to diffuse the central light source.

Each table lamp, like every seed is unique.

 Materials: ceramic, glass and brass, ivory cotton electric cable. EU socket

Light source:   Dimmable LED light bulb

Size: approx 36-40cm x 25-28cm x 34-37cm H

Weight approx 6kg