the artful marriage of hand crafted ceramics and glass


Geo Light

The Geo light is defined by the visual interplay between the handcrafted ceramic core and outer glass dome. Inspired by nature, the organic forms and textures highlight the making processes and origins of the materials. Both glass and ceramic are natural materials, coming from the earth. The bone china core is cast in the London studio and then individually hand carved by designer Cristina Vezzini in one of three textures; geometric facets, a sinuous spiral and an intricate ‘intaglio’ relief pattern. The outer glass sphere is hand blown by designer Stan Chen, the fluid lines and ‘bubbles’ rising from the surface echoing and highlighting the molten form of glass in the making process.

Every glass and ceramic component is hand crafted by the duo and, therefore, entirely unique. When the two forms are brought together to create the finished light, the ‘bubbles’ of the glass sphere mirror the effect of bubbles underwater, magnifying and distorting the textures of the ceramic core.

When lit, the final effect of the work is striking. The central light is diffused throughout the ceramic core, the surface texture creating a delicate pattern of light and shadow. The glass interacts with this interplay of light and pattern, giving movement and depth, revealing fresh perspectives from every angle.




Size: 25cm diameter

Materials: Bone china, glass, brushed stainless steel fitting, stainless steel ceiling rose, clear 3 core cable (150cm), LED E14 light bulb

Design Variations: Geometric, Spiral, Intaglio